A native of Norfolk, Virginia, Stephanie Davis is the Founder, CEO of Empower Media Group, a boutique public relations, advertising design and branding firm based in Atlanta, GA.  Stephanie is the creator of an award winning publication, Empower Magazine, Empower Cares (non-profit organization) and Founder of WEA Empowerment Conference & Expo. She is a mother, serial entrepreneur, author of “Behind the Wall of Grace” & “No, Pressure, No Diamond”, empowerment coach, and serves her church, dReam Center Church Atlanta. Socially in tuned within media relations, non-profits and philanthropic efforts, Davis prides herself in serving the community.  She is a member of the National Association of Professional Women, Public Relations Society of America, the Black Public Relations Society of Atlanta, and the Atlanta Association of Black Journalists. 

Stephanie Davis graduated from Old Dominion University with a Bachelor of Science in Finance.  She later completed studies at Mercer University in Marketing and recently completed a Master of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in public relations and marketing at Mercer University. Stephanie also holds a Certificate Diploma in Psychology.

An empowerment expert dedicated to empowering others to fully embrace their power and honor their potential. Davis brings a dynamic and motivational message delivered with humor, passion and inspiration. Davis moves her audience, collectively and as individuals, to take action, provoke change and pursue purpose. She empowers them to let go of the things that no longer serve and think positively about growth, purpose and opportunity.

Davis was living the American Dream. Until one day that dream ceased to exist; Davis was served with a federal indictment and sentenced to five years in federal prison. Having worked in the federal government for s few years, Davis was on the other side of the fence. A family with promise soon faced struggle and hardship. Davis saw these struggles first hand. If given a second chance, Davis vowed to break the cycle of poverty and missed opportunities, the righteous way. Davis eventually was released and earned her advanced college degree and was blessed to re-enter Corporate America.


For this mompreneur, starting a business was a means of creating a better life for her family. A major setback left this single mother starting life over from rock bottom. After spending five years in federal prison, Stephanie Davis was not sure where her life was going. The only thing she had was a vision and a divine purpose. Convinced that she had no chance of professional/business success, Stephanie wanted to give up; but over time found that through God all things are possible. As a single mother, Stephanie Davis built a successful business with little money. Managed to do both with a mix of God’s grace and favor, intelligence, creativity and tenacity.

Being out on her own was not a setback for Davis. Don’t get her wrong, entrepreneurship takes tenacity.  For Stephanie, her circumstances actually gave her the time to build a wealth of knowledge that did her well in entrepreneurship to say the least.

Thinking about how she was going to do it all almost stopped Stephanie from starting her own company four years ago. It seemed unreasonable to think that she’d be able to get everything done that she wanted to accomplish as an entrepreneur, still be the mother and get re-acclimated to society.

The truth is, Stephanie’s success showcases that you can do it all if you just change your perspective and rely on your faith. Stephanie thrives in making a global footprint in the world of business, literacy, public relations, philanthropy and ultimately the community. She is a passionate advocate for excellence.

Now a respected leader, Davis has hosted her own empowerment events and numerous functions under the Empower umbrella. Additionally, she has served as a speaker, panelist, thought leader for Mercer University Business Department, Old Dominion University and Art Institute of Atlanta.

Today Davis holds a Master of Business Administration from Mercer University. She is the CEO & Principal Publicist of Empower Media Group. Davis is the Owner and Publisher of Empower Magazine and Founder of Empower Cares, an organization dedicated to educating, empowering and provoking individuals to pursue a greater purpose. Tenacity, perseverance, hard work and a relentless desire to rise above her past has allowed great success as an executive and entrepreneur. Believing that if she can, others can too, Davis now seeks to empower the masses; To help break those cycles and ceilings, to banish those “labels” and to pursue their divine purpose.

Leaving nothing to chance, Davis went a step further by provoking clients to recognize their passion and provoke their purpose through empowering workshops better known as “The Pursuit”.  Intrigued by her abilities and transparency, Empower, Inc. is a business respected by many.

From webinars to keynote addresses, topics can be formulated to fit audience and needs. Participants walk away with a sense of confidence, empowered and driven to action.

Embracing the plenteous God has placed before her; Davis enhanced her empowering pursuit and launched the WEA (We Empower All) Empowerment Conference and Expo, an empowering experience with efforts that bridges the racial divide and embraces cultural diversity all while empowering participants to pursue a greater purpose.

WEA Empowerment Conference & Expo Tour is a one-of-a-kind, multi-dimensional, multi-day event. It includes everything from engaging community events, strategic marketing efforts, networking mixers, panel discussions, empowerment sessions, fashion show of the arts,  performances, exhibits, and an outstanding WEA Honors Gala. The WEA Kick-off events & activities leading up to it are designed to strengthen the bonds between non-profits, local businesses, organizations and the communities they serve.

The theme for WEA Empowerment Conference & Expo Tour is “Working Together, Better” so we can actively explore issues such as public/private partnerships, nonprofit-to-nonprofit communications, combined social impact of nonprofit/corporate alliances and so much more.
The WEA Empowerment Conference & Expo provides an increasingly rare opportunity for cross-cultural communication and engagement. Meet, greet, and share ideas with the individuals and organizations who are growing and sustaining their community, as we explore new creative and innovative economic avenues.

Davis is currently operating in her passion, developing and structuring empowerment efforts as well as operating Empower Media Group. Through the Empower Media Group, Stephanie continues to diversify her professional portfolio. ” Through Empower, Stephanie launched innovative & intriguing PR campaigns.  She has been mentored by the best that ever did it and continues to thrive, “my goal is to harness the value & need of public relations and take empowerment to another level”, says Stephanie. Implementing her professional foresight, Davis is irrefutably molding her status as an industry trailblazer.

Stephanie Davis aka Tenacity has been in the media spotlight for a few years. From being a radio personality with World Star Hit Radio, Media specialist, Hosting red carpets, she has done her share in public relations on both sides of the field.  She has worked with celebrities such as Actress Erin Burns of Stephen King’s “The Cell”,  Actor Dustin Lewis of “Sleepy Hollow and new Movie “Killing Reagan, Selena Johnson, Christina Johnson (the Ex-Wife of Celo Green), Amber Bryant of Bravo’s Muthafunders, MTV’s own Cara Alwill Leba, the creator and author of “Girl Code”, Ludacris, Erika Alexander, Kuang Lee, Pastor Troy, Rodney Perry, Hope Flood, Comedian Akintunde, Comedian Pierre, Actor & Comedian Gary Owen, Comedic Actress Sommore, Celo Green (GreenHouse Foundation), Actress & Humanitarian Ericka Alexander, Actress Vanessa Bell Calloway, Honda Executives and many more. ​She also had an appearance in “Saints and Sinners” (Bounce TV 2016.)

Stephanie loves people and freely embraces the vision of every client.  She believes in operating in complete professional excellence. And takes every project seriously.  ” I want to empower people to prosper, and help them unveil their passion and meet their purpose through the art of the pursuit. I represent their dream, vision and ultimately their brand.

Stephanie Davis has been featured in Pursuing Purpose Magazine Magazine, featured on the Access Granted Blog “Giving Christian Entrepreneurs the Keys to Divine Wisdom & Natural Strategies”, receiving the  2017 Grinder of the Year Award for being among the “Top 25″ Empowerment Brands in Atlanta, Interviewed with New York City’s Mastermind on the Grind Show, Radio Personality on Friday Morning Wrap Up (The official morning show of Christian Hip-Hop & R&P Richmond, VA), and is the Founder of Empower, Inc. & Empower, Inc. Latin America.


Davis is nowhere near finished. She is coming from behind the scenes as she debuts her newest project “The Pursuit: A Call to God’s Agenda”, a practical experience that will help people embrace the process of pursuing their purpose.  Successful in her own right she lays the blueprint out on how to embrace authenticity and accept the call to a greater purpose. Thru various seminars, speaking platforms and workshops, Davis leaves you with a wealth of empowerment essentials.