Empowerment: Why We Need It!

I realize I am in a different mindset than I ever have been before. In past years, I have been drawn to metaphor“s about spiritual enslavement. To bring myself into this season I have thought about the ways in which my heart has been hardened, as Pharaoh’s, and the ways I am enslaved to ways of being, thinking and doing that restrict me from manifesting my full self. In reflecting on our narrative of freedom and redemption, I have imagined these states of being as readily accessible, if only I worked on freeing my own mind, heart and soul from the bonds I impose on myself.”

– Lidia Kozenitzkyl

Empowerment means to gain knowledge and understanding. Self empowerment means to gain knowledge and understanding of the self. Think of it like this. If you knew absolutely nothing about a car and its inner workings, and the car broke down somewhere far from home. You would have no idea what to do to fix the car, so that you can go on. Yet if you had a good knowledge and understanding of the car and its inner workings then you could figure out what needs to be done, get the tools and spares to do it, and fix it. In this situation you would be empowered (feel empowered) for you would know what to do to get yourself going again. You would not just sit in the car and wait for someone to come and sort out the problem for you.

So self-empowerment means to gain knowledge over the Self. In a So what and understanding on the inner workings of the car. It is essential to gain knowledge of how we all work. What happens on the inside, what are the mechanisms that play and study on its own? Some of the articles listed below and on this web site will give you a broad understanding. Then the next stage would be to find out and understand where our personal belief systems come from. Once we understand that then we can have a look at the interaction of the two, and see how they run our lives, and how we attract certain events into our lives that reinforce our personal belief systems. This is in line with one of the universal laws that states, that which is on the inside will be reflected on the outside.

Let me give you another example of a child in an upmarket home, who has everything done for them, everything is given to them and they never lack for anything. They are used to just giving orders and getting what they want. This kind of child then grows up and goes out into the working world carrying this experience with them. This is their belief system about the world and the way it operates. They expect to be able to carry on the same kind of life style they were used to when they were growing up. They suddenly find that they are in constant conflict with their coworkers, their subordinates and superiors. They can’t understand why and what is going on that life does not work like that. From the outside looking in we can easily see what is going on but from the inside of the person they have no idea – they think that this is the way that life should be and that is how they think they should operate. They can’t see why people are in conflict with them. They simply have no idea.

And so we can go on and on with examples of life.

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