Passion Meets Purpose #1

Do you remember your childhood dreams? Somewhere along the way, you were taught to be realistic, to stay inside the lines and recognize that growing up means you need to show up at eight o’clock, do your job and go home to your normal routine of things. Amber managed the renovation and construction of both residential and commercial properties. However, she discovered her true reach in humanitarian efforts.
Since then, she heard God speaking to her in the still of the night—calling her to a certain type of life and a special kind of work. So, what happened? Along the way, in her desire to be a responsible, practical and realistic adult, she made a commitment to translating her dreams into enjoyable and fulfilling work. Amber ignited her own passion to work on a full-time basis with children. As a certified Montessori teacher, Amber combined the hands-on Montessori philosophy with coaching styles of pro sports in creating The Odyssey Program.
Amber brought that authentic, childlike creativity and passion to her divine purpose.
In fact, the moment Amber realized that meaningful, purposeful and profitable work really was an evident force in her life, Amber had already taken an important step toward reawakening the dreams and passions she hadn’t acted on in years. While she found a joy in helping others she was overwhelmed. All of a sudden, complacency became intolerable. The idea of putting your calling on the shelf becomes intolerable. Not only do we have the opportunity, we have the responsibility to spend our working hours in efforts that will elevate us to our highest calling and transform the world around us.
In all her rewarding efforts, it was time for Amber Bryant to focus on being “SOMI”.  Amber is not a stand alone in her thoughts and concerns about her life. Out of this feel, Amber launched Stiletto Moms, a movement for mothers. Stiletto Mom was born out on the necessity to bring balance and harmony to life of the average mother, and give women an opportunity to empower their authenticity and ignite the passion to pursue their purpose. To walk in a divine calling, Fearless and Fabulously!
Yes, it’s time for passion to meet purpose. Release the dreams and passion that may sit dormant in your heart. You may find your prayers invigorated, now knowing there is a day-by-day application of God’s design for your life.
And once you’ve opened the door and seen all the exciting opportunities that await you—whether you decide to revolutionize your current situation or launch a new career altogether—you’ll find you can’t go back to the old way of being. Behold God is doing a new thing in you! It’s like you’ve fanned to life some dying embers, ignited a new flame of possibility. That inner light of your imagination might have been dimmed by your naysayers or your inner fears, but you can rekindle it again so that you get a real sense of the divine purpose for your life.
Bravos own, Amber Bryant and Guest Author/Master Life Coach, Cara Alwill Leyba have put a new dress on discovering ways to express our hopes and dreams in your daily hustle. I believe that our work can be our best gift to ourselves, our friends and family, our communities—and the best expression of our purpose here on earth. Given the amount of time we spend working, failure to allow our passion to meet purpose, is not just a minor misstep in living out God’s plan—it’s a deeper notion that makes us feel we are not walking in our true divine calling.
Fulfilling efforts—efforts that integrates our talents and our passions, work done for a worthy purpose—has always been a sign of maturity and wisdom. This “Superwoman” definitely exhibits the glamourous side of maturity and wisdom with her new movement, Stiletto Moms.
Cara Alwill Leyba is an Author and Master Life Coach from New York City who encourages women to create a “Champagne Life” that entails living effervescently, celebrating themselves every day, and making their happiness a priority.


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